Aquaculture Developments, LLC, licensee of technologies from UNI-Aqua A/S and Fish Protech Pty Ltd in the Americas, is a limited liability company registered in Pennsylvania and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our Technology Providers:

UNI-Aqua A/S is a privately held company based in Fredericia, Denmark:

  • Commercially successful recirculation systems for salmon, trout, turbot, sole, cod and other species in operation in a growing number of countries, including Denmark, Norway, Chile, Canada, Australia, China and Spain.

Fish Protech Pty Ltd is a proprietary limited company registered in Adelaide, South Australia:

  • Farms operated on a commercially successful basis in Australia since 1990
  • New farms operational in Malaysia and Brunei and under construction in China
  • Species include Barramundi, Jade Perch and Murray Cod